Our travel videos are meant to give the prospective Ladakh rider a realistic impression of what awaits him. They are shot in July, the most serene and easy month to travel that region of India. Earlier one can expect ice on the road and snow barriers and later torrential rains and mudslides or even landslides.

Sometimes even early November is a time to get thru the main roads without much trouble and sometimes in mid-September early snowfall can lead to 1 meter and more snow on the road.

These clips have not been edited for beauty or artistic value, they however collate the more “interesting” parts of the Manali-Leh highway in July.

Jispa to Sarchu: This is the most challenging part, only 80km in length but it takes 4-5 hours to traverse on a good day.


Sarchu to Leh has its challenges but not nearly of the caliber of the previous segment. It is quite long but can be done easily in a day, with extended break in Pang for lunch and relaxation.


Coming from Manali everybody has to do the 4000m Rohtang pass – relatively easy to get up, pretty nasty on the downhill side with big mud puddles and water crossings. The road gets repaired every year but breaks down just as often. In 2021 India promises the Rohtang tunnel will be ready. I won’t hold my breath though (and it will be much less fun).


Ladakh can be full of surprises!