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Due to the covid lockdowns and intl. travel limitations we have decided to no longer offer our Ladakh trips. Its quite expensive to keep a fleet of Himas ready and insured when for years there is zero income to sustain them. Furthermore we where in the early stages of this business when it hit us – so there are no reserves to draw on. Sorry buddies.

If anyone from abroad needs help in sourcing a reliable travel partner we are absolutely willing to point them to one of our trusted former competitors.

The site stays online for now solely for historical reasons.

July/August 2021 – 2 weeks Ladakh on Royal Enfield Himalayans

24.07 – 07.08 [with optional extension]

General information:

This will be the only trip we offer in 2021.

The average elevation of the Leh-Manali highway is more than 4,000 m (13,000 feet) and its highest elevation is 5,328 m (17,480 ft) at the Taglang La mountain pass. This stretch of the High Himalayas is considered by many a must-do. It is not the most challenging and July is the easiest month to make this trip but the average rider with little to medium experience in rough terrain will be challenged. Please refer to the relevant videos regarding this trip.

Accommodation quality will vary widely. From tent to 3-star western quality we will encounter everything. In Chandigarh, Manali and Leh the hotels will be of the better type. In Jispa we also lodge in a very nice new hotel with attached restaurant and in Sarchu a tent with “attached bathroom” (no shower but a bucket with hot water if requested). Food in those areas will be simple. Manali and Leh have a plethora of good restaurants and coffee shops.

Here are some photo  impressions from a previous trip.

The Group

We will travel with a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 8 bikes (3-6 of our esteemed guests and the road captain and technician each on their own bikes).
Each rider can bring a pillion or ride solo. The terrain can be challenging and pillions likely will have to walk some of the tougher stretches, possibly through water (or we can give them a “lift”).
(If you are not up to crossing a particular water way we can do that for you and you can either ride in the car or be “lifted” by one of us.)

From Chandigarh via Manali to Leh a pickup-type car will be carrying the luggage, spares and other items. There will be one “road captain” fluent in English and German and one Indian helper/technician with basic English and Hindi – plus the driver of the pick-up.

The Bikes

Royal Enfield Himalayan – German Upgrade Edition
(There is no better Himalayan in all of India)

  • 450cc or 477cc engines
  • Brembo floating disk & caliper(300mm and 330mm)
  • Reinforced frames
  • German bearings (where accessible)
  • LED lights
  • Reinforced special Leg protection
  • 21 liter fuel tank
  • Upholstered seating plus air cushion (if desired)
  • Other enhancements

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24.07. – arrival in Chandigarh from Delhi, meet-up in our hotel, getting acquainted with the Himalayan and fellow travelers

25.07. – early start towards the Kullu Valley / Manali  at elevation  2000m ,
trip: 350km, 10h

26.-28.07. – Manali / Solange Valley excursions

29.07. – early start towards Jispa at elevation 3200m
via Rohtang pass at elevation 4000m and Keylong,
trip: 138km / 6h

30.07. – 10am start towards Sarchu tent city at elevation  4200m,
trip 60km – 4-6h (worst part of the road)

31.07. – 8am start towards Leh via Pang and Taglang La at elevation 5300m
trip 280km – 10-11h [This leg could also be split in 2 with an overnight stay after 7-8h drive – decision to be made on site]

 01.08.-06.08. excursions in the Leh area including the “highest motorable pass in the world”, Khardung La at 5400m (however there are military roads that are higher but inaccessible to normal citizens). Many other high passes and lakes, and in general fascinating landscapes are waiting to be visited in this area and 5 days will give us ample opportunity to see them.

07.08. – flight Leh – Delhi

Stay-On Option

Anyone wanting to join us on the trip back via Manali  is welcome to do so at no extra costs except whatever fuel and accommodation has to be paid plus a nominal fee for the bike subject to length of intended use.
This part is entirely spontaneous and unorganized from our side and may even include the Spiti Valley stretch (which is tougher than Manali-Leh).
If someone wants to keep his bike for a longer period of solo riding that can be arranged as well.

Where we can assist outside the trip itinerary

If you need anything pertaining to the trip that you do not want to carry as luggage we can help sourcing it for you locally. This goes for anything from a sleeping bag to a toothbrush.

What each rider should bring along for the trip
  • Helmet, open face or full face
  • Warm gear (temperature can go down to zero Celsius)
  • High boots and/or special water proof cover for the boots that reach to the knee – good boots that fit western people are NOT easily available in India.
  • Warm gloves or if available two sets of gloves as we will also ride in warm climate
  • In general with the exception of 2 days it will not be very cold but I found my own down sleeping bag much appreciated over the often heavy blankets the hotels provide
  • A good flashlight
  • Sunglasses
  • A helmet cam can be fun to have – with a 120Gb or bigger micro SD card and extra power bank for the long stretches. (Bikes all have USB chargers as well)
Money Money Money

The solo rider pays 2980.-€ from Delhi to Leh and back (from 24.07 – 07.08)
A pillion rider pays 2260.-€  from Delhi to Leh and back (from 24.07 – 07.08)
This includes everything from arrival in Delhi, taxi to Chandigarh, flight back to Delhi from Leh. Three meals per day (except alcoholic beverages) including group dinner in a local restaurant (if available), accommodation in double-occupancy rooms/tents.
Single accommodation: add 280.-€.
The bike, the fuel, repairs as needed.
The bikes are insured for 3rd party damage and full cover with zero deductible.

The reservation fee of 500.-€ will be refunded if you can not participate because of air travel restrictions or other covid related issues.
If you plan to ride with pillion you need only pay ONE reservation fee (but let us know that you come with a partner).
All reservations must be made at or before 31th of May 2021.
At the very minimum 3 paying riders must book this trip – if this number is not reached by the deadline reservations will be fully refunded.
A maximum of 6 bikes, 6 riders with 6 pillions (not including road captain and technician) can participate.
In the event that the tour is cancelled for whatever other reasons the reservation fee will be fully refunded.

This information subject to changes and updates

If you have questions please contact us.

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